Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Speciality Tip

Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Specilaity Tip are made to fulfill your laboratory needs. From Finntip™ Wide Orifice, to help you aspirate granulated sample or very viscous sample to Finntip™ Biocon™, individually wrapped to ensure the purity of your works. Finntip™ has wide variety of tip style of your choice


Pipette & Tips

Thermo Scientific

  • Even though Finntip™ are specifically design to fit Finnpipette™, but it can be used with wide variety of micropipette
  • Finntip™ Wide Orifice with wider point tip, for easy aspiration for granulated sample or very viscous sample
  • Finntip™ Biocon™ individually wrapped for PCR or any purity demanding works
  • Volume range from 0.2 µl to 10 ml
  • Finntip™ Biocon™ are certified free of DNA, DNAse/RNAse, and Endotoxin
  • Catalogue No.  Description  Packaging  Quantity 
    Finntip Wide Orifice   
    FI 9405020 FINNTIP 250 WIDE , 1000EA/BAG Bag 1000 tips/bag
    FI 9405050 FINNTIP 1000 WIDE , 400EA/PACK Pack 400 tips/pack
    FI 9405060 FINNTIP 1000 WIDE , 6500 EA/BOX Box 6500 tips/Box
    FI 9405160 Finntip 1000 Wide 100-1000ul, 96 ea/rack, 10 rack/box Pack 960 tips/pack
    Finntip Biocon
    FI 94053200 FINNTIP BIOCON 250, STERILE, INDV WRAPPED, 100 EA/BX Box 100 tips/box
    FI 94053300 FINNTIP BIOCON 1000, STERILE, INDV WRAPPED, 50 EA/BX Box 50 tips/box