Thermo Scientific™ 1300 Series Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

Perform daily applications safely and efficiently with simple-to-order Thermo Scientific™ 1300 Series Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet Packages, which include: Cabinet; manual, adjustable height stand; factory installed UV light and one set of armrests. These safety cabinets deliver exceptional design and technology advancements such as superior protection with proprietary airflow design, exceptional ergonomics for a safe and comfortable environment, and outstanding energy efficiency for operational cost savings.


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Thermo Scientific

  • Series meets NSF/ANSI™ Standard 49.
  • Real-time airflow adjustments ensure inflow and downflow velocities remain steady.
  • Pressure sensor filter monitoring measures total airflow across the working area.
  • Proprietary SmartClean front window design simplifies cleaning for a safer working environment.
  • SmartFlow Indicator adjusts airflows as filter resistance changes.
  • SmartFlow visually demonstrates cabinet’s ability to compensate to maintain personal protection.


  • Save money over the entire life of the cabinet with energy efficient design
  • Reduce operating costs up to 75% over traditional biological safety cabinets with AC motors
  • Increase comfort and encourage safe working habits with the sloped front, bright workspace, and low noise level
  • Maximize safety through our innovative Thermo Scientific™ SmartFlow™ design with Digital Airflow Verification
  • Organize the interior with confidence using SmartPort, a clean and easy way to organize with confidence due to the negative pressure dual-side wall

The 1300 Series A2 features HEPA-filtration with recirculation of the air inside the work chamber, creating a near particle-free environment – ideal for most microbiological and tissue culture applications. The 1300 Series A2 may be exhausted to the outside of the building using the optional thimble exhaust connection, providing a safe working environment when working with minute quantities of volatile toxic chemicals.

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1384 G Biosafety Cabinet 1300 class 2 A 1384 G ( 4 feet )
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