SureCycler 8800 PCR System

The SureCycler 8800 Thermal Cycler provides users with a complete package of market leading features and functionality. This PCR machine can run even the most complex thermal cycling techniques including time and temperature increments, touchdown PCR, and temperature gradients.




  • Gradient & Uniformity, 12 temperature zone gradient functionality without sacrificing uniformity

    Excellent gradient functionality opens the door to accelerated protocol development and unique applications

  • Speed & Volume, Highest speed & volumes : 6 ° C / sec & 10-100 μl

    High speed OR high volume? SureCycler gives you BOTH!

  • Flexibility with 96 and 384 well blocks, Quickly convert interchangeable modules based on needs

  • Modern & Intuitive Interface, 7″ LCD touch screen with intuitive easy-to-use software

    PCR wizard allows for easy protocol creation in 5 steps

  • Stand Alone Feature, Remotely start, stop, program, and monitor experiments from any web enabled device

    Pre-loaded protocols for Agilent’s most popular enzymes


  Specifications SureCycler 8800
  Configuration 96-well block 384-well block
  Maximum Block Ramp Rate  6° C/sec 4° C/sec
  Block Temperature Range    4° C to 99° C
  Temperature Accuracy ±0.2° (@95° C)
  Temperature Uniformity ±0.4° (@95° C)
  Gradient Yes
  Gradient Temperature Range 30° C to 90° C
  Maximum Gradient 30° C
  Volume Capacity 10-100 μl 5-25 μl
  Memory Capacity 10.000 protocols
  Pre-loaded Protocols Yes
  PCR Wizard Yes
  Display Size 7 inch
  Display Resolution 800 x 480
  Display Type Full Touch LCD
  Ports 2 x USB 2.0
  Dimensions (cm) 41 L x 28 W x 27 (38 open) H
  Weight 12.4 kg
  Standard Warranty 2 years
Catalog No. Description Quantity
G8800A SureCycler 8800 thermal cycler 1 unit

SureCycler 8800 Brochure