Safety Storage Cabinet for Flammables

Safety Storage Cabinet with a proven fire resistance class in accordance with EN 14470 enable modern Laboratories – depending on the tested 90 minutes fire resistance of the cabinet – a less risky, local storage of:

  • Toxic
  • Flammables or
  • Potentially explosive substance
  • And/or of substances with combinations of the stated dangerous characteristics


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  • Safety storage cabinet for 90 minutes fire resistance for environments with high resistance
  • Compliance with the requirements of fire and explosion protection
  • Installation in workrooms allowed
  • Reduction of company-internal transportation of hazardous materials and also the associated risks
  • 5 pieces drawer rack stainless steel 1.4301 (Optional 4 and 6 pieces drawer rack stainless steel available)
  • Drawer 60 kg, 29 L, sheet steel powder-coated RAL 7035
  • Anti-slip rubber mat for drawer, black
  • Q-mover 2 pieces, steel powder-coated textured RAL 7016
  • Base cover/plinth panel sheet steel powder-coated textured RAL 7016
Catalog No. Description Quantity
MS1-TOTAL UltraSnap ATP Surface Test Swabs 100
MS2-TOTAL Total Detection Device 100
MS1-N-BROTH-9ML MicroSnap Enhanced Nutrient Broth (9mL) 100