Renocare Your Choice for Wound Care Management

RenoFoam is hydrophilic foam dressing which is designed for protecting high exudate wound. This product is non-adhesive foam dressing which consist of semi-permeable polyurethane film and polyurethane foam.

RenoCare Hydrocolloid is hydrocolloid dressing which absorb exudates, protect wound and supply moist environment to the wound

RenoCare Alginate (Calcium Alginate) is absorbent dressings derived from seaweeds. It absorbs large amounts of wound exudate very fast and changes to soft and conformable gel state. And it provides an optimal moist wound healing environment.


Medical – Consumable – Wound Dressing


  • Prevent scab formation and minimize the scar formation.
  • Absorb exudate and maintain proper moist environment to the wound site.
  • Polyurethane film layer prevent outside water and bacteria penetration.
  • Product is not adherent to the wound, much less pain when remove it.
  • Product Type Cat. No. Size (cm) QTY/Box
    Renocare Hydrocolloid Standard HD14EN22 5*5 10
    HD14EN05 10*10 10
    Renofoam 5 mm thickness FO14EN04 5*5 10
    FO14EN01 10*10 10
    FO14EN05 10*20 10
    FO14EN03 20*20 10
    Renofoam A 2 mm thickness FS14EN14 5*10 10
    FS14EN15 5*20 10
    Renofoam F 2 mm thickness FF14EN22 5*10 10
    FF14EN23 5*20 10
    Renocare Alginate Standard AL14EN03 10*10 10
    AL14EN04 20*20 10