Genesig Q16 - Portable Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

The genesig Q16 is a revolutionary instrument launched by Primerdesign Ltd. The instrument is designed to accompany the genesig product range which includes kits for over 600 different DNA testing applications. The Q16 can test up to 14 samples at a time and is designed to make DNA testing affordable and easy for anyone in any business.


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  • Rapid result – From sample to result ~ 4 hours
  • No need for a Lab environment – can be done in the facility or even in the field
  • Guarantee of Sensitivity – Sensitivity guaranteed down to 100 copies (kit can be validated down < 10 copies)
  • Multiple Tests Run at Once
  • 16 reactions can be run per qPCR unit
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Automated data analysis
  • Robust, beautiful design
  • Small and portable: 12 cm footprint
  • Over 600 kits available

The Q16 is a closed system designed to provide an incredibly simple user experience with fully automated data calling. It will not operate successfully with kits other than the genesig easy kit range.

  • 16 Wells
  • 20 µl reaction volume
  • Peltier thermal control
  • 3 °C/s heating
  • 2 °C/s cooling
  • Thermal uniformity ± 0.1 °C range
  • Thermal accuracy ± 0.25 °C
  • LED excitation
  • CMOS detection
  • Multiplex detection of target and internal control via FAM, VIC, HEX, SYBR Green I, ResoLight, CAL 540, and CAL 560 channels
  • 160 mm Height
  • 120 mm Diameter
  • 2 kg weight
  • 90 W power consumption
  • No moving parts
  • Silent operation
  • Operate from PC, Mac, via network, or stand alone with a USB drive
  • Extraordinary well-to-well reproducibility
Catalog No. Description Quantity
MS1-TOTAL UltraSnap ATP Surface Test Swabs 100
MS2-TOTAL Total Detection Device 100
MS1-N-BROTH-9ML MicroSnap Enhanced Nutrient Broth (9mL) 100