Pourquier® Rose Bengale Ag

The Pourquier® Rose Bengale Ag is a suspension of Brucella abortus (Weybridge 99 strain) inactivated by heat and phenol and colored with rose bengal stain in an acidified buffer. It is calibrated according to the principle defined by the 64/432/EEC to give a positive reaction with a dilution at 1:45 of the second international anti-Brucella abortus serum (OIEISS), while with a dilution at 1:55 it should be negative.


Diagnostic kits – Ruminant – Bovine Brucellosis


  • 1650 reactions (5×10 ml) and 3300 reactions (100 ml)

Catalog no.               Description

P00215                      Pourquier® Rose Bengale Ag (1650 reactions)

P00230                     Pourquier® Rose Bengale Ag (3300 reactions)

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