Nunclon Delta Treated 4-Well IVF Dish

Certifications/Compliance: Rnase and DNase free, human DNA free, non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic
Description: Serological Pipette, 5 year shelf life
Packaging Type: Individually Wrapped, Paper or Plastic Peel
Sterility: Sterile



Nunc Thermo Scientific

– Culture Area: 1.9 cm2/well
– Sterility: Sterile
– Material: USP Class VI Polystyrene
– Surface Treatment: Nunclon Delta
– Length (Metric): 66 mm
– No. per Case: 120
– No. per Pack: 4
– Well Count: 4
– Width (Metric): 66 mm
– Unit Size: Case of 120

  • Ensures proper well orientation and prevents cross contamination with notched lid and dish
  • Prevents scratches on well bottoms and promotes fast temperature equilibrium with 0.8mm raised edge
  • The Nunclon Delta surface treatment ensures consistency of a more hydrophilic surface
  • The non-treated hydrophobic surface facilitates microdrop embryo culture
  • Certificates of conformity available for every lot

Generate consistently reliable results during IVF and embryo
vitrification with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 4-Well IVF Dishes, which meet the rigorous requirements of IVF testing, certification and validation.

144444: Nunclon Delta Treated 4-Well IVF Dish