Nunc™ Multidishes with UpCell™ Surface

  • The hydrophicility of the UpCell surface changes with the external temperature, allowing cells to detach
  • No need for dissociation enzymes, ensuring intact cell surface proteins
  • No need for physical scraping, resulting in high cell viability
  • Supportive membranes included in the 6-well plates allow for harvesting of the cell sheets
  • Customized bar coding available


Cultureware, plasticware, cell culture, multidish, cell sheets

Nunc Thermo Scientific

Support non-enzymatic harvesting of adherent cells for preservation of cell viability and surface proteins

Culture passaging
Subsequent single-cell analyses (e.g. flow cytometry)
3D tissue modeling for transplantation
For research use only

174901: UpCell 6 well
174900: UpCell 12 well
174899: UpCell 24 well
174898: UpCell 48 well
174904: UpCell Dish 35 mm
174903: UpCell Dish 60 mm
174906: UpCell Dish 60 mm, with grid
174902: UpCell Dish 100 mm
174905: UpCell Dish 100 mm, with grid
174897: UpCell Microplates, with lid