Nunc™ IVF Petri Dishes

Certifications/Compliance: Rnase and DNase free, human DNA free, non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic
Description: Serological Pipette, 5 year shelf life
Packaging Type: Individually Wrapped, Paper or Plastic Peel
Sterility: Sterile



Nunc Thermo Scientific

– Certifications/Compliance: CE-marked, FDA-cleared, MEA-tested
– Description: IVF Petri Dish Lid w/Airvent
– Sterility: Sterile
– Material: USP Class VI Polystyrene
– Surface Treatment: Non-treated

– Facilitate gas exchange with vented lid
– Available in 35mm, 60mm and 90mm sizes
– Certificates of conformity available for every lot
– CE-marked, FDA cleared, and 1-cell stage Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA)-tested
– Produced under ISO 13485 with full lot traceability
– Sterile (SAL 10e-6)
– Non-pyrogenic (LAL tested)
– USP Class VI polystyrene
– Lot-release tested (MEA)

Carry out IVF applications using the high-quality and reliable Thermo
Scientific™ Nunc™ IVF Petri Dishes, which meet the rigorous requirements of IVF testing, certification and validation.

150255: IVF Petri Dish, 35mm, Lid w/Airvent
150270: IVF Petri Dish, 60mm, Lid w/Airvent
150360: IVF Petri Dish, 90mm, Lid w/Airvent