Nunc™ EZ Flip™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes

  • RNAse/DNAse free
  • USP Class VI,
  • Sterile 10-3 SAL
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • clarified polypropylene
  • leak-proof


Cultureware, plasticware, cell culture, Conical centrifuge tubes, centrifuge rotors and adaptors, RCF, RPM

Nunc Thermo Scientific

Ergonomic design

  • enables one-handed opening and closing

Integrated leak-proof cap

  •  prevents cross contamination

Optimal performance

  • clarified polypropylene combines chemical
  • resistance and high-speed tolerance

Compatible with a wide range of centrifuge rotors

  • standard dimensions provide greater usability in your lab

Resistant to Alcohols, Cryopreservation Agents, Detergents and some type of Fixatives (Acetone 50%, Gluteraldehyde pure)

362694: 15 ml, bulk
362695: 15 ml, racked
362696: 50 ml, bulk
362697: 50 ml, racked