Nunc™ EasYDish™ Dishes

Material: Polystyrene, USP VI
Contaminant Free: RNase/DNase free, Human DNA free, non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic
Sterility: Gamma Irradiation to SAL of 10-6
Shelf Life: 5 years from manufacturing date
Certificate of Quality in every case
Surface Treatment: Nunclon Delta for adherent cell cultures


Cultureware, plasticware, cell culture

Nunc Thermo Scientific

  • Nunclon Delta™ Surface
  • Beveled Grip Ring
  • Proprietary Notch Design
  • Raised Outer Edge on Dish Lid
  • Orientation Marks on Dish Bottom
  • Writing Area
  • Re-Sealable Packaging

Tested and certified for cell growth and plating
efficiency using 4 different cell types: L-929, HEL 299,
V79-4, and primary chick embryo cells

150460: 35 mm dish
150462: 60 mm dish
150464: 100 mm dish
150468: 150 mm dish