Multidrop Pico 8 Reagent Dispenser

Thermo ScientificTM MultidropTM Pico 8 Digital Dispenser offers enhanced dispensing precision with volumes between 11pL to 200uL in any well, eliminating the need for manual dilution while providing significant cost and waste reductions. Designed to enable assay miniaturization, boost productivity and improve accuracy of results makes them ideal for a broad array of low-volume applications such as qPCR, dose response curves, drug screening assays and ELISA.


Life Science, Lab Equipment, Microplate Dispenser

Thermo Scientific

Assay miniaturization

  • Increase compound efficiency – use up to 10 times less reagent and sample with low dead volume
  • Digital dispensing – precisely dispense consistent amounts of fluids into assay plates as low as 11 pL
  • Reduced labware waste – direct dilution in assay plate results in up to 90% labware waste reduction compared to traditional analog serial dilution

Improved efficiency and sample integrity

  • 40x greater speed – eliminate several workflow steps and achieve typical dose experiment in 15 seconds instead of 10 minutes by analog serial dilution
  • Decreased hand-pipetting steps – minimize repetitive motion injury and re-work commonly caused by manual pipetting errors
  • Non-contact dispensing – disposable dispensing heads avoids carry-over and contamination
  • Application-focused wizards – simple, yet sophisticated PicoIT software helps enhance throughput and limits repetitive work due to manual pipetting errors
  • Speed up qPCR workflows – pre-prgrammed protocol templates for a selection of Thermo Fisher Scientific qPCR Master Mixes automatically customizes fluids for each qPCR component
  • Complete traceability – PicoIT software tracks reagent amount and dispensing time for each well after each run, enabling complete sample and compound traceability

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use

  • Dispense any volume in any well at any time – ultimate flexibility allows automation of even the most complex protocols
  • Simplify assay set up with PicoIT software – flexible and intuitive experiment design is made possible even for most complex plate layouts (drug combination/synergy, titration of one or multiple components)
  • Dispenses DMSO, aqueous fluids, and PCR master mixes – flexible for ideal applications with large or small molecules into any well of any microplate
  • Supports a variety of throughputs and reagent number variations – 8-well format Pico 8 Dispenser enables automation of complex multireagent/sample assays even in 1536-plate format
Plate types : 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 well plates

Plate height: 6 – 47 mm

Number of dispensing wells : 4- and 8-well dispensing head
Compatible dispensing heads : 8-well dispensing head at 20μL and 4-well

dispensing head up to 200μL

Number of fluids supported : Hold up to 8 different fluids in different wells at a time
Dispensing volume range : 11 pL – 20 μL (8-well dispensing head)

1 nL – 200 μL (8-well dispensing head)

Dispensing volume increments : As low as 11 pL
Precision CV : ≤ 8%
Dispensing speed : 11 pL – 10 μL in seconds
Overall dimensions : 47 cm x 38 cm x 23 cm
Weight : 14.1 kg
Software compatability : Used with PicoIT 8
Automation capability : Yes, Pico 8 4-well and 8-well dispensing heads can be robot gripped and zero force inserted
Fluid compatability : 70% – 100% DMSO or aqueous solutions with:

• Biomolecules up to 300 kDa or 10,000 basepairs and up to 3 mg/mL

• Small molecules < 800 Da up to 10 nM

• Nanoparticles < 1 micron in diameter in suspension at  concentrations < 0.5%

Application : Drug combination studies

Biochemical assays

Cell-based assays


Secondary screening

Synthetic chemistry

Assay development


Enzyme profiling

Antibody therapies



Catalog no. Description
5840600 Multidrop Pico 8 Digital Dispenser
LTR0003 4-ch 200µl Dispensing Heads for Pico 8 Digital Dispenser (20 PK/CS)
LTR0004 8-ch 20µl Dispensing Heads for Pico 8 Digital Dispenser (20 PK/CS)