IDEXX Rota-Corona-k99 Ag Test

The IDEXX Rota-Corona-k99 Ag Test is an ELISA that differentiates between rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli (by detecting its attachment factor k99) infections by antigen detection. This method is easy to use, fast, reliable and very adequate for the analysis of a large number of samples.

The results can be evaluated either by a simple “naked eye” reading or by photospectrometer reading. The key feature of this test is to enable the user to work according to his or her needs: either on one, two or three valences, separately or together (coating of the three antibodies per well and three specific conjugates with different colors).


Diagnostic kits – Ruminant – Calf Diarrhea


  • Rapid
  • Simple to perform
  • Easily automated
  • Improve animal health and welfare
  • Optimize production and reproductive efficiency
  • The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most sensitive and reproducible technologies available
  • 1 plate/strips

Catalog no.                Description

P00603-1                   IDEXX Rota-Corona-k99 Ag Test

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