Human CNV Microarray - Human Genome CGH Microarrays

Learn about our extensive range of CGH + SNP microarrays dedicated to cytogenetic workflows. We provide whole genome CMA at variable resolutions, down to exon level, CGH+SNP arrays to analyze CN and LOH in a single experiment and application specific designs, including pre- post-natal, PGS, CNV and Cancer specific microarrays. Agilent’s CGH platform provides unmatched flexibility on content and throughput, thanks to eight different microarray formats with variable density and arrays per slide.

Agilent provides a database of more than 28 million validated probes, and easy tools to customize array content based on needs. Custom or catalog, all Agilent’s CGH & CGH+SNP arrays benefit from proprietary SurePrint technology with long, high quality oligos.

Agilent Human CNV Microarrays provide high-resolution optimized probe design to enable genome-wide CNV identification and characterization. The dual color microarrays contain 60-mer high quality probes to provide the sensitivity and specificity required for CNV association studies.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – Microarray


  • Coding and non-coding human sequences represented
  • Probes are annotated against NCBI Build 38 (UCSC GRCh38, Dec. 2013)
  • Probe design and selection have been carefully optimized and validated for maximal sensitivity and specificity
  • Agilent provides validated protocols and reagents to process fresh frozen (SureTag Labeling Kit) and FFPE samples (ULS Labeling Kit.)
  • Multiple microarray formats available
Area of Research Research and Association study
Array Type CGH
Arrays per Slide 1-2
Composition Genome NCBI Build 38 (UCSC GRCh38, December 2013)
Number of Probes 105K-1M
Samples per Kit 1-2
Slides per Kit 1
Species Human
Catalog no. Description
G4423B-018897 Unrestricted Human Genome CNV Microarray, 1x244K (1 of 2)
G4423B-018898 Unrestricted Human Genome CNV Microarray, 1x244K (2 of 2)
G4425B-022837 SurePrint G3 Human CNV Microarray, 2x105K
G4824A-023642 SurePrint G3 Unrestricted CGH Array (1×1 M)
G4825A-021365 SurePrint G3 Unrestricted CGH 2x400K Human (same design as G4507A)