Finnpipette Stepper Pipette

Finnpipette stepper is a lightweight, easy to use repeater pipette ergonomically designed for one-handed dispensing. Operating on the positive displacement principle. Rapidly dispense up to 45 times in succession without refilling. Suited for work with aggressive and viscous liquids.


General Lab

Thermo Scientific

  • Suited for work with aggresive and viscous liquid
  • Perfect for distributing many samples
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle and wide finger rest, even for viscous, volatile, or other problematics liquids
  • Volume are easy to set, with the aid oof the convenient volume setting chart located on the handle
  • Operation is simple, just attach the appropiate tip size
Catalog No. Description
Finnpipette Stepper
FI 4540000 Finnpipette Stepper 10ul-5ml
FI 4540500 Finnpipette Multistepper 50-250 µl
FI 9420300 Stepper adapter (for 25 & 50 ml syringes)
FI 9420310 Stepper adapter sterile (for 25 & 50 ml syringes)
Stepper tips
FI 9404170 FINNTIP STEPPER 0,5 ml  100/box
FI 9404173 FINNTIP STEPPER 0,5 ml, Sterile, 50/box
FI 9404180 FINNTIP STEPPER 1,25 ml  100/BOX
FI 9404183 FINNTIP STEPPER 1.25 ml, Sterile, 50/box
FI 9404190 FINNTIP STEPPER 2,5 ml  100/box
FI 9404193 FINNTIP STEPPER 2,5 ml, Sterile, 50/box
FI 9404200 FINNTIP STEPPER 5,0 ml  50/box
FI 9404203 FINNTIP STEPPER 5,0 ml, Sterile, 25/box
FI 9404210 FINNTIP STEPPER 12,5 ml  50/box
FI 9404220 FINNTIP STEPPER 25 ml  20/box
FI 9404230 FINNTIP STEPPER 50 ml  10/box
FI 9404233 Finntip Stepper 50 ml, Sterile, 10/box