Finnpipette F1 Variable Single and Multichannel Pipette

The enhanced volume adjustment on Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F1 Variable Volume Pipettes is now silent and effortless with textured adjustment knob for a firmer feel when setting volumes. The adjustable finger rest, and lightweight design maximizes comfort without sacrificing performance.


General Lab

Thermo Scientific

  • Silent and effortless volume adjustment
  • Adjustable finger rest for maximum comfort while pipetting
  • Large display
  • Easy to clean, and disassemble for maintenance
  • Secure volume lock, prevents volume drift during operation
  • Super blow out, 150% increase air boost to ensure efficient delivery of micro-volumes
  • Lighweight and ergonomic design
  • Silent volume adjustment button, effortless and and easy to manuever with one hand
  • Lower pipetting forces, reducing the risk of RSI
Catalog No. Description Range Volume / Quantity
F1 Adjustable Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4641010N Finnpipette F1 0.2-2 µl micro 0.2-2  µl
FI 4641020N Finnpipette F1 0.5-5 µl micro 0.5-5 µl
FI 4641030N Finnpipette F1 1-10 µl micro 1-10 µl
FI 4641040N Finnpipette F1 1-10µl 1-10 µl
FI 4641060N Finnpipette F1 2-20 µl univ. 2-20 µl
FI 4641070N Finnpipette F1 10-100 µl 10-100 µl
FI 4641080N Finnpipette F1 20-200 µl 20-200 µl
FI 4641100N Finnpipette F1 100-1000 µl 100-1000 µl
FI 4641110N Finnpipette F1 0.5-5 ml 0.5-5 ml
FI 4641120N Finnpipette F1 1-10 ml 1-10 ml
F1 Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipette
FI 4651050N Finnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 100 µl 100 µl
FI 4651080N Finnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 1000 µl 1000 µl
FI 4651110N Finnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 5 ml 5 ml
FI 4651120 Finnpipette F1 Fixed Vol. 10ml 10 ml
F1 Adjustable Volume Multi Channel Pipette
FI 4661010N Finnpipette F1 8-channel 5-50 µl 5-50 µl
FI 4661020N Finnpipette F1 8-channel 10-100 µl 10-100 µl
FI 4661030N Finnpipette F1 8-channel 30-300 µl 30-300 µl
FI 4661040N Finnpipette F1 12-channel 1-10 uL 1-10 µl
FI 4661050N Finpipette F1 12 channel 5-50 µl 5-50 µl
FI 4661060N Finnpipette F1 12-channel 10-100 µl 10-100 µl
FI 4661070N Finnpipette F1 12-channel 30-300 uL 30-300 µl