Finnpipette™ Dispenser

Dose liquid straight from reagent bottle with FInnpipette™ Dispensers


General Lab

Thermo Scientific

  • Easy to use
  • Bottle adapter will allow you to move the dispenser between diffferent sizes of reagent bottle
  • Ceramic piston allows an excellent chemical and thermal resistance
  • Self locking system on the volume setting
  • Ergonomic design
  • Threaded suction hose for bubble free suction
Catalog No. Description
FI 4421120 Finnpipette Dispenser 0.2-1 ml
FI 4421140 Finnpipette Dispenser 1-5 ml
FI 4421150 Finnpipette Dispenser 2-10 ml
FI 4421160 Finnpipette Dispenser 5-30 ml
FI 4421170 Finnpipette Dispenser 10-60 ml