E1-Cliptip™ Electronic Adjustable Tips Spacing Multichannel Equilizer Pipettes

With enhanced versatility and customization, the Thermo Scientific™ E1-Cliptip™ Electronic Multichannel Pipette automates daily 96-and 384-well microplate pipetting tasks with the sealed security of Thermo Scientific™ Clipitp™ technology.

Perform sample transfer between virtually any tube, rack, microplate or horizontal gel box quickly and efficiently with the Adjustable tip spacing features that allows you to set the distance between tips by simply sliding the scale to expand or contract the desired labware format. Enjoy pipetting again with optimum functionality of every application and user preference.


General Lab

Thermo Scientific

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design, comfortable to hold and maneuver
  • Total security with Cliptip™ pipetting system, the tips will securely locks on every channel
  • Enable consistent and reproducible ppetting from user-to-user
  • Extremely low attachment and ejection forces to avoid RSI.
  • Program functions allows you to store up to 20 of your most common protocols
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface made it super easy to use
  • With program feature such as Stepper and Mix program, making your everyday liquid transfer work easy
  • Choose your steps between Matrix or Presets with settings of your common applications, an ideal solution for working with complex protocols
  • Adjustable tip spacing technology, makes it easy to move between different sample format in your lab
  • Service and callibration trackers to remind you when your pipette needs to be re-calibrated or serviced
Catalog No. Description Range Volume / Quantity
FI 4672010 E1-ClipTip Equalizer 384 8-ch 0.5-12.5µl 0.5-12.5µl
FI 4672080 E1-ClipTip Equalizer 8-ch 10-300 µl 10-300µl
FI 4672080 E1-ClipTip Equalizer 8-ch 50-1250 µl 100-1250µl
FI 94410050 ClipTip 384 12.5, Racked 0.5-12.5µl Racked, 384 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack
FI 94410510


ClipTip 300, Racked, 10-300µl


Racked, 96 tips/racked, 10 racked/pack
FI 94410513


ClipTip 300, Racked, Sterile, 10-300µl Racked, 96 tips/racked, 10 racked/pack
FI 94420513


ClipTip 300, Filter, Racked, Sterile, 10-300µl Racked, 96 tips/racked, 10 racked/pack
FI 94410810


ClipTip 1250, Racked, 15-1250µl Racked, 96 tips/racked, 8 racked/pack