CyFlow® Ploidy Analyser

The CyFlow® Ploidy Analyser is a compact flow cytometer for ploidy analysis, high-resolution DNA and genome size analysis for plants, animals and micro-organisms. This modular system is equipped with a UV LED (365 nm) and/or a green laser (532 nm) which, when used in combination with Partec CyStain® reagents, provides high-resolution DNA analysis with DAPI or propidium iodide. The CyFlow® Ploidy instrument measures the DNA content of many thousands of individual nuclei within seconds or minutes. The result is directly displayed as a DNA histogram on the internal 15.4″” colour display.

This method is time- and cost-saving as it provides precise results quickly with an efficient and validated workflow. For higher throughput, it is possible to equip the system with an Autoloading Station that accepts up to two 96-well plates or 120 test tubes as a single load.


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Flowcytometer
Animal Health – Lab Instrument – Flowcytometer
Industry – Lab Instrument – Flowcytometer

Sysmex – Germany

Optics 1 or 2 optical parameters with selected photomultiplier tubes (PMT)
Standard set-up and filters for propidium iodide (PI) and/or DAPI/SSC
Laser option UV LED (365 nm)
green laser (532 nm, 30 mW)
Flow System Quartz flow cuvette for laminar sample transport and hydrodynamic focusing
Sample port with biosafety cleaning function
Volume Measure System True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) based on mechanical volume measurement
Computer-controlled syringe pump speed, adjustable from 0 – 20 μL/s
Electronics and Signal Processing Selectable linear or 4-decade logarithmic scale
16-bit analogue-to-digital converters, selectable trigger parameter and individual threshold level settings
Computer System Integrated Microsoft Windows™ PC with Microsoft Office®
Integrated, foldable 15″ colour LCD TFT display
Ethernet and USB ports
DeskJet colour printer
Optional external screen (dual screen mode)
Software Operating system: Microsoft Windows™
Sysmex Partec operating software for real-time data acquisition, display, analysis and reporting
Data format: flow cytometry standard (FCS)
  • Screening for haploids, diploids, triploids and polyploids
  • Ploidy and genome size analysis in less than two minutes
  • Detection of anisoploids, allopolyploids and aneuploids
  • No time-consuming microscopic evaluation
  • Absolute cell and particle counting
  • Agroscience and aquaculture: Plant biology and algae
  • Industrial applications: Detection of ploidy level and Plant genome size and DNA analysis
Catalog No. Description
SPG CY-S-3039_V3 CyFlow Ploidy Analyser – UV LED + 532nm 30mW