Nunc™ Cell Culture Plates

  • Designed to prevent evaporation and cross-contamination with one-way lid
  • orientation and rings in lid over each well
  • Available with round or rectangular wells


Cultureware, plasticware, cell culture, multidish

Nunc Thermo Scientific

Range of cell culture plates spanning a variety of surfaces,
well-bottom shapes and colors for better cell culture and the subsequent cellular analysis

For adherent cells, suspension cultures or general assays

167063: Nunc 4-Well Plate, Rectangular, Nunclon Delta
267061: Nunc 4-Well Plate, Rectangular, Non-treated
176740: Nunc 4-Well Plate, Round, Nunclon Delta
179820: Nunc 4-Well Plate, Round, Non-treated
140675: Nunc 6-Well Plate, Round, Nunclon Delta
140685: Nunc 6-Well Plate, Round, Nunclon Delta
150239: Nunc 6-Well Plate, Round, Non-treated
167064: Nunc 8-Well Plate, Rectangular, Nunclon Delta
267062: Nunc 8-Well Plate, Rectangular, Non-treated
150628: Nunc 12-Well Plate, Round, Nunclon Delta
150200: Nunc 12-Well Plate, Round, Non-treated
142475: Nunc 24-Well Plate, Round, Nunclon Delta
144530: Nunc 24-Well Plate, Round, Non-treated
150687: Nunc 48-Well Plate, Round, Nunclon Delta
150787: Nunc 48-Well Plate, Round, Non-treated